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Atividade-Interpretação textual

Read: “Clives typical day”

Hi, my name is Clive. I live with my mother on a farm near Johannesburg. My sister Wendy lives with my father in Johannesburg. That not a problem at all because we see each other every weekend.

My day starts at about seven o`clock when I get up. My mother and I usually have breakfast at eight o`clock. After breakfast I walk to school and my mom drives to work. She works as nurse at a hospital.

I have lunch at the school cafeteria. After school I sometimes go shopping downtown. However, most days I go straight home. On Tuesdays and Thursday I play football with my friends. On the other day I study, play the guitar or just surf the internet.

In the evening, I usually go to bed at eleven o`clock .On the weekends I like to hang out with my friends, so I go to sleep much later.


1-Does Clive live downtown?

(   ) Yes, he does                             (  ) No, he doesn`t

2-Does Clive have a sister?

(  ) Yes, he does                            (   ) No, he doesn`t

3- Does Clive`s   father live on a farm?

(  ) Yes, he does                             (   ) No, he doesn`t

4-Do Clive, his sister and parents live all together?

(   ) Yes, they do                              (   ) No they don`t

5- does Clive`s mother Work at a school?

(   ) Yes, she does                            (    ) No, she doesn`t

6-Does Clive walk to school?

(  ) Yes he does                             (  ) No he doesn`t

7- Does Clive go to sleep early on the weekend?

(   ) Yes, He does                            (    ) No he doesn`t

8- Does Clive have lunch at home?

(    ) Yes, he does                           (   ) No, He doesn`t

9- Unscramble these dialogs.

a)      Let’s check it right now. – Thank you. – Yes, of course. – I can’t remember my PIN number. – Excuse me, Mr. Parker. Can you help me?

b)      Because I don’t want to use my cell phone. - I’m sending an e-mail to Mr. Smith. - Any problem with it? – No, I’m just being cautions. – What are you doing, Stephen? – Why don’t you call him?

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